Asics Innebandysko Gel-Blade 8 W (21/22)

En indoorsko från Asics med en skön dubbel-gel sula. Inga sömmar på ovandelen gör att risken för skav blir minimal. Skon är även väldigt smidig vilket gör dig extra snabb i vändningarna.Leverantörens egen produktinformation:The GEL-BLADE™ 8 shoe creates good support for squash and badminton players engaging in multi-directional movements. Practical for diagonal court coverage, this shoe helps you push your body and mind to new boundaries.The upper has been reconstructed to promote a more supportive foothold. It keeps your foot locked-in when making quick transitions.By raising the heel collar height, this shoe offers more stability while allowing your foot to move more freely.We redesigned the outsole with our X GUIDANCE™ technology for improved diagonal court coverage. This function increases flexibility and allows you to move more easily on the court.
SEK 1 199