Vitamin Well Sport - Sport Drink, 50 cl

Vitamin Well Sport 001 is a sports drink consisting of a carbohydrate electrolyte solution, developed to give the body optimal conditions to present during the workout. The beverage contains a combination of electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins. Protein is built up of amino acids. Nine of these are essential, i.e. Is the body supplied through the food because the body cannot produce them itself. BCAA is examples of such amino acids. Very hard training results in the degradation of muscles increasing and because of this, the muscles need protein to be repaired. The carbohydrates are also a good energy supplement in prolonged endurance training. The beverage also includes magnesium that contributes to the body's normal energy design and muscle function. Vitamin Well Sport 002 and Vitamin Well + 003 are both sugar-free options. We recommend a versatile and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.