Oxdog Stick UltraLight HES 29 - FSL MBC2 (22/23)

Ultralight is the elite player's choice! Most top players are not looking for the easiest, but the best combination between weight, balance and feeling, and there fits Ultralight perfectly in! This club has flex 29 mm and is suitable for most junior players, ladies and adult men who do not push too much at the shot moment. Ultralight clubs come with the FS1 leaf in MBC2 plastic (PP with two carbon slices) mounted at the bottom. FSL is Oxdog's latest blade, where low weight, torsional stiffness and a good bowl and pre-watch are combined. Simply a low weight shot! Supplier's own product information: The Most Popular Lightweight Stick in the World . If you search for the Best Performance, Ultralight Hes is the stick for you. A SHAFT WITH PERFECT BALANCE, Extremely Sensible and Powerful. The Hes Technology Wraps It All Up To Perfection. Ultralight Hes Collection Now with the New FSL (Fastshootlight) Blade. Enjoy! New FSL (Fastshootlight) IS A Very Light Shooting Blade With A Great Ball Touch. Unique Double Carbon (MBC2) for Maximum Lightness vs Stiffness. Upper Carbon Piece is Adapted for Even Better Torsion Stiffness. Maximum Lightness With the Best features of Avox and Optilight Blades. Great for Shooting. Big 9.5 mm Concavity for Very Nice Feeling and Good Ball Touch.