Mv1 Målvaktshandske Fotboll Benediktsson Neg-Pro

MV1® Benediktsson Neg | Pro ™ 2.0 has a fluorescent red or blue color that is visible when you as the goalkeeper should make you extra large for the opponent. With 4mm mv1® contact latex and 3mm MV1® Supreme Latex on the top, holding the ball comfortably in a safe grip and your drafts sitting as a smack on the foot of your teammates. It has an extended surface on the wrist in breathable material so that the glove is really ... as a glove. MV1® Neg | Pro Ultragrip has an extended Hendledswrist that allows you to easily adjust around the wrist for the best comfort. With MV1® WrapControl with extra latex around the thumb for extra grip security. The glove has a negative cut, with the seams on the inside of your fingers, so that the glove is really tight. With MV1® Siliconantislip on the inside, the glove does not slip on the hand, and provides increased control and better grip. On each finger in the glove - in addition to the thumb, there are small silicone pads on selected locations, which provides a comfortable and reduced friction on the skin surface so that it does not slip on the fingers. Note! This is a glove with negative cut , which sits extra tight around fingers and wrist. MV1 therefore recommends that you order a size larger than it You usually use.