Unihoc Stick ICONIC Carbskin Curve 1.0º 26 (21/22)

Last season released the Unihoc CarbSkin® Curve 1.0 models, the lightest curve clubs on the market. This season, they go even further and release Carbskin® Curve 1.0 Weightless Edition to reach a whole new level of light curve clubs. By using a new type of structure for how to put together the carbon fiber material, UNIHOC has managed to reduce the weight further and still maintain the perfect balance, strength and durability in these top stems. Never before has a Curve model felt so easy and at the same time so stable. The world's lightest Curve! Weight: 194G (96cm) Leaves: Iconic Hard White Leaf material: Regular PE Shaft: 100% Carbskin® Carbon Fiber Flex: 26 mm Grip Linda: Carbskin Grip If the stock status is" Order item ", this means that we do not have the club in stock, but order from Unihoc in connection with you placed your order. Normal delivery time about 1-3 days before we have it in stock. (with reservation for the club can be sold out at Unihoc)