Salming Running Shoe Greyhound

Crafted for HARD-Surface Running.- Unleash The Greyhound in You! Salmings Latest addition to the Road segment is specially developed for rungs on hard surfaces and the loads on the body that come with this. Outer sole The outer sole is developed in collaboration with Italian vibram and has Vibrams durable XS Trek material that is 25% more durable than any material Salming previously used. In addition to more kilometers of wear resistance, the sole also has very good grip on asphalt and concrete even under wet conditions. Mellansula Recoil Plus is a reactive midsole with a 23% better energy reproduction compared to previous medium electrical materials, Giving a nice and soft shock absorption with good kicks off. top Less is more - An advanced simplicity Completely in Salmings spirit, both in terms of expression and performance. The top is manufactured in a 3-layer construction that gives you a nice enclosing fit. The tongue has a so-called sock construction, which means that it embraces the foot and holds its position throughout the Råpasset. Thin quick shoelaces.