Oxdog Stick Sense HES 30 - OptiLight MB (21/22)

sense series are well balanced and very affordable floorball clubs, with the world's lightest leaves at the bottom. The season 21/22 has Oxdog received a stylish shaft in white, with details in their popular color Frozen Pink, which is also found on the Optilight blade at the bottom. Supplier's own product information: A Lightweight Frozen Pink Collection with Optilight Blade - WHICH IS ONE OF THE LIGHTEST BLADES IN THE WORLD. SHAFTS MADE TO Perfection With Hes - High Energy Shaft Technology. Our Optilight Blade Is The Lightest Blade We Have Ever Made With The Weight Of Only 66 Grams In MB / MBC. Super Soft Touch, Super Good Ball Control, 9mm Concavity and Optimal Lightness & AMP; Stiffness combined. Carbon Reinforcement Blades Give More Power and Accurate Shooting. IT IS THE ULTIMATE BLADE TECHNOLOGY FOR LIGHTS AND PERFORMANCE!
EUR50 (EUR71)