KH 1-Piece Bag White Label (Slätafly Flyers SK)

Pressure information: - Club mark on the center cover - Ev. Name pressure under the club label
EUR56 (EUR66)
This product is included in slätfly Flyers sk Association profile and is only to For Slätfly Flyers Sk members. Most products in the profile are printed with both Slätfly Flyers Sk Club mark and clubhouse logo. Pressing specification is indicated on the respective article, and is displayed on the product images. Prices Prices on the products In the association profile, fixed, already discounted, association prices, and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. (Please note that some garments and products can have price supplements for selection of SR - Sizes) size guide Unfortunately lacking the supplier of this article a size guide. Delivery time / stock status Delivery time varies, depending on whether the product is a stock or order item. Pay attention on stock status on each product when you put them in Shopping cart. Order goods usually take between 4-7 business days before we get them in stock. Products with press Take usually 1-3 days before we can Deliver, Filled from the date when all the goods on your order are in stock . Please note that inventory status displayed on the website only applies to our webblager. Contact your local store If you want to know stock status in the store, or want to put away products. Right of withdrawals Note that products with pressure Not covered by the reply and change right . (includes both club log, name, digit, etc.) Contact at Questions about slätfly Flyers SK's profile, or request for law order, please contact the responsible seller for smärfly Flyers SK: Erik Nordqvist, In case of questions regarding your web order, contact our customer service: