Gerflor Sport Floor Powergame+ (30 m2)

We at the clubhouse are Swedish distributor for the only sports floor that IFF recommends to play floorball outdoors on: Sport Court-Power Game Plus! The floor is an outdoor floor of the absolute highest quality, has a shock absorption that is outstanding and opposes the weather and wind without the minimum problem. It is also not bleached or colored by neither sun nor water. The floor works for all sports, but is a little extra suitable for the right bandy, hence IFF's recommendation. We have previously sold the floor in large pack, but now you can also buy small volumes. In each package, 3.72 m2 is easily assembled. (40 plates á 30.5 x 30.5 x 1.9 cm) When buying this package you get 8 Startons , ie: 8 x 3.72 m2 = 29.76 m2 The floor works as well as floorball floors as to other sports. Supplier's own Product Description: With Our Modular PowerGame + Tiles, We Offer Everyone The Opportunity To Share Such Memorable Sport and Recreational Experiences. PowerGame + IS Not Only Fun, Great Looking and Safe To Play On, But It Can Also Be Easily Installed In All Facilities, To Build A New Court, Renovate An Existing Space Or Set Up Portable Courts For A Tournament Or Event. Designed for A Wide Variety of Sport, It is The Ideal Playing Outdoor Surface for Every Practice and Ambition, from Children to Champions. Used at The Highest Levels of Competition by Being A Partner of Sports Federation, This Solution Ice Designed To : - Offer Amazing and Long Lasting Aesthetics, With Easy Court Customization - Provide Exceptional Game Experience - Ensure The Players' Safety - Eliminate Costly Annual Maintenance - Enable Easy and Fast Renovations