Blindsave Goalie Shoe

information from supplier (English): After numerous sketches, designs, samples, and materials, we can finally unveil blindsave first-ever goalie shoes! Our Goalie Shoes Are Unique And There is No Others on the Market AS The Top Part of the Shoes Has An Extra Layer Of Protection To Provide Greater Durability. The Next Generation Fabric Ensures Premium Comfort And Elasticity While Keeping The Weight To Its Minimum. Improved Grip On The Sides To Control Movement and Support Sideways Motion. Exterior Carbon Tongue Covers Laces and Redeues Friction To Improve Sliding Motion. Features: • Made from High Quality Fabrics To Ensure Maximum Elasticity • Exterior Tongue Covers Laces and Redes Friction TO IMPROVE SLIDING MOTION • Multiple Layers of Protection for Better Durability • Improved Grip • Double Stitching to Ensure Maximum Durability • Premium Lightweight material